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Master the art of firepower in these shooting games! Test your precision, strategize your moves, and conquer the battlefield. Ready, aim, fire!


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About Shooting Games

How well can you handle a gun? These online shooting games will help you find out! Choose your weapon and get ready to put down your enemies.

Here you will find a selection of online shooting games for all tastes. Do you feel like playing the role of a sniper and shooting down your enemies with accurate shots from afar? Then give it a go at Sniper 3D.

Or would you rather engage in a shooting duel or battle that will have you dodging bullets and fighting for the best and most deadly weapon? If so, you can try Stick Duel: War, Stick Duel Battle, or even Stickman Temple Duel.

And if none of these are your cup of tea, do not fret. Have a look around this category of online shooting games and you will find many more to try, with different setups, missions, and weapons, including even tanks.

Have fun testing your accuracy and your deadly instincts!

What are shooting games?

Shooting games, often called "shooters," are a subgenre of action games although they encompass several subgenres too. 

They have two defining features. The first one is the use of projectile weapons, usually in the form of firearms, with the goal of eliminating enemy characters or targets. The second one is the focus placed on the players' precise aiming and quick reaction time. 

These games place great importance on hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness. Taking cover from enemy fire, utilizing vantage points for better aim, or finding optimal paths through the level often prove as critical as having a fast trigger finger. Additionally, careful management of resources, particularly ammunition, plays a key role in successful performance within this genre.

The objective of these games varies: sometimes it's about getting the highest score, other times it's about completing a story or mission, and often it's about being the last player standing in a multiplayer showdown.

In essence, shooting games provide an interactive, often adrenaline-filled, environment that tests not just the player's reflexes, but also their strategic planning and resource management skills.

3D precision and aim

3D graphics add more realism to games, which in turn makes them more challenging. Shooting games are a great example of such since the players must take their surroundings into account both when attacking an enemy and defending their position, making it much harder to focus on their aim.

Not only that but hitting a target is not as straightforward either in a three-dimensional environment. The wind can blow a bullet off course or the enemy can turn around just in time for the bullet to graze him without any significant harm. 

Check our collection of 3D Shooting Games and check for yourself the hardships of three-dimensional realities.

Multiplayer shooting games

These can almost be considered the holy grail of shooting games. Holding a weapon and firing at enemies and targets was always a popular option among players worldwide. However, when online gaming became a standard, it brought together fans of this game genre in a whole new way.

Players could finally compete against each other, and take their shooting skills and strategic reasoning to new levels. Unlike AI opponents, humans are unpredictable and they can forge or break down alliances in the blink of an eye.

If you want to experience the thrill and pressure of multiplayer games, make sure to check out our collection of Multiplayer Shooting Games.

Sniper games

The role of the sniper is one of the most coveted military positions. Only the soldiers with the best precision skills can make it. Not only that, but they also need to have nerves of steel. They must have the patience to wait for the best moment to fire, the stealthiness of ninjas to remain concealed, and a complete sense of self-control to keep ready to fire at all moments even when changing positions.

Visit our collection of Sniper Games and you will only have to try a few ones to understand why you need to be a top-notch shooter to have any chance of winning.

FPS games

Despite being considered a sub-genre, FPS games come close to serving as a genre of their own. Standing for First-Person Shooter, they take challenging realism to new heights. In these games, you are not an omnipresent player, but a soldier holding a weapon and seeing only what is in front of your eyes.

Although they often sport multiplayer modes and 3D graphics, first-person shooter games do not require these features to offer a challenging and realistic experience. The classic Wolfenstein 3D, with its 1992’s graphics and gameplay is proof of that.

Discover this and many other exciting games in our collection of FPS Games.

How to play

Each game has its own objectives and gameplay, but generally speaking, the mouse plays a fundamental role in most shooting games.

This piece of hardware replaces your hands in the virtual world. In most 3D games, moving its cursor allows you to shift the position of your weapon and look around. One of its buttons is also likely to activate the weapon’s aim and zoom in to increase your precision, while the other works as the trigger to fire. 

This is the general rule for FPS and other similar games focused on offering a realistic experience. Those that focus more on the fun aspect of gaming, however, can have different gameplay and simpler controls, such as just clicking or tapping to fire.

Tips to improve your aim

1. What’s your weakness?

Some players have slow reflexes, while others get so nervous when meeting an enemy that they become unable to hold their weapon in position. 

If you want to improve your performance, the first step is to understand your weaknesses and work on them. For example, if you have slow reflexes, you can practice your timing with target shooting games like Tom Clancy's Shootout.

2. Keep your gun at the enemy’s head level

When exploring or moving between locations, never point your weapon down. Otherwise, you will be too slow to react if an enemy surprises you.

Instead, keep your weapon ready to fire at all times and at the enemy’s head level. If you are ambushed, even firing aimlessly grants you better chances of surviving.

3. Adjust your mouse sensitivity

Low sensitivity can help you increase your precision when firing at a target, while high sensitivity lets you grasp your surroundings and the situation more quickly. 

The ideal sensitivity lies somewhere in between, but it is highly subjective and dependable on the game style and the strengths and weaknesses of each player. Take your time understanding yours and adjust your own mouse. 


What are the best shooting games on Reludi?

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  5. Counter Craft
  6. Counter Craft 2 Zombies

Which are the most recent shooting games on Reludi?

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