Shooting Games

How well can you handle a gun? These online shooting games will help you find out! Choose your weapon and get ready to put down your enemies.

Here you will find a selection of online shooting games for all tastes. Do you feel like playing the role of a sniper and shooting down your enemies with accurate shots from afar? Then give it a go at Sniper 3D.

Or would you rather engage in a shooting duel or battle that will have you dodging bullets and fighting for the best and most deadly weapon? If so, you can try Stick Duel: War, Stick Duel Battle, or even Stickman Temple Duel.

And if none of these are your cup of tea, do not fret. Have a look around this category of online shooting games and you will find many more to try, with different setups, missions, and weapons, including even tanks.

Have fun testing your accuracy and your deadly instincts!

Our favorite shooting games

  1. Krunker
  2. Fields of Fury
  4. Shell Shockers
  5. Sniper Clash 3D

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