3D Shooting Games

Grab your weapon, muster your courage, and get ready to put your accuracy to the test with these 3D shooting games.

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Feel the thrill of the battle in your bones with these online 3D shooting games. Holding a gun and mustering the courage to go out of your comfort zone to find enemies to take down is one of the most exciting and challenging features of shooting games, but the 3D graphics take them to another level.

The immersive experience they provide allows players to have a reliable sense of the battle or the mission at hand. The realistic setting also makes any game much more challenging. You can no longer have an overall view of all your enemies and their infrastructures. Players must be ready at all times to avoid being unpleasantly surprised.

For example, in games such as Sniper 3D and Sniper Strike, players must carefully balance the need to search for a better place to get a clean shot to take down the terrorists and the danger of exposing themselves to an enemy sniper.

One of the major draws of online 3D shooting games is the opportunity to team up with or compete against other players from all over the world. In games like ArmedForces.io or Critical Strike Global Ops, for instance, teamwork is essential for claiming victory, whether you are defending your base or capturing the flag.

Interestingly enough, the realism of 3D shooting games cannot be taken for granted. Rather, it is up to the subjectivity and the creativity of their developers. 

Wolfenstein 3D is one of the most well-known classic shooting games and one of the first to make good use of 3D graphics. Nevertheless, these could hardly be considered realistic nowadays. On the complete opposite side of the spectrum is Time Shooter 3: SWAT for example. This shooting game uses 3D graphics not to make the setting more realistic but rather as a means to play with physics and add unique features to its gameplay.

No matter your preferred game mode or setting, 3D shooting games are always exciting. So, what are you waiting for? Prepare to put your skills, reflexes, and strategies to the test. Gear up, lock and load, and become the ultimate shooter today!


What are the best 3d shooting games on Reludi?

  1. ArmedForces.io
  2. Sniper 3D
  3. Command Strike FPS
  4. Counter Craft 2 Zombies
  5. Counter Combat Multiplayer
  6. Sniper Strike

Which are the most recent 3d shooting games on Reludi?

  1. Real Shooting FPS Strike
  2. Counter Craft 2 Zombies
  3. Zombie Area

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