Shell Shockers

Get ready to spill some yolk in the FPS online game Shell Shockers!

Despite how harmless and, dare one say, fragile they look, eggs can be hard to crack, especially when they are well-supplied with powerful weaponry! In this first-person shooter game, you will face real players from all over the world in private or public arenas.

There are four game modes available the classics Teams mode and Free For All and the unique Captula The Spatula and King of the Coop modes.

This multiplayer online game also lets you personalize your egg so you can look cooler and deadlier every time you take on a mission.

Will your shell crack under the powers of the 8 weapons available, or are you the one who is going to make an omelet out of your enemies?

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WASD: move
Spacebar: jump
E key: change weapon
Q key: launch grenade
Left mouse button: shoot
Shift key: aim
R key: reload
F key: melee

Game developer:

Shell Shockers was developed by Blue Wizard Digital.

Also from Blue Wizard Digital: BasketBros

Last updated: Oct 11, 2023

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