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Leave your holster empty and hold on to your weapon if you want to win! Check our collection of online gun games and prepare to fire!

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Whether it is a classic pistol, a revolver, or a rifle, they are only deadly and effective when handled by an expert with superb precision and in this collection of online gun games, you will have plenty of opportunities to check if this description fits you.

Before picking your weapon of choice, you must first set your eyes on a challenge. We have a vast array of games with different objectives to ensure that you can find a game to your liking. 

Perhaps you enjoy the 2D classics inspired by old-school video games and would like to try Superfighters or the truly iconic Wolfenstein 3D in which you have to take down the Nazis with nothing but your handgun.

Or you can join one of the many multiplayer war games that we have and prove your worth with a weapon against real players from all over the world. Prove that you are a valuable teammate in games like or Command Strike FPS, for example, and induce fear into your opponents.

You can also just show off or engage in strenuous training sessions to improve your precision skills. Play Tom Clancy’s Shootout, for example, or Sniper Champion 3D. These games are all about hitting the targets as close to the bullseye as possible to improve your score. But as your skills improve, the challenges will also become progressively harder. Only the best can reach the highest levels.

Take your time checking out all the online gun games that we have for you, and soon enough you will become or prove that you are indeed an expert holding your weapons. 

For more action games with guns, make sure to also visit our collections of Shooting Games, 3D Shooting Games, FPS Games, and Sniper Games.


What are the best gun games on Reludi?

  2. Sniper 3D
  3. Master Gun
  4. Counter Craft 2 Zombies
  5. Dead Zed
  6. Command Strike FPS

Which are the most recent gun games on Reludi?

  1. Sniper vs. Sniper
  2. Top Guns IO
  3. Gun Rush

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