Airport Clash 3D

Take over the control of airports and air bases from your rival gang in the online game Airport 3D Clash. 

Forget about hijacking planes or taking passengers hostage. This is about who controls the most territory and the main transport means. Get your weapon ready and brace yourself for the battle ahead.

Collect the bomb that your enemies are concealing in themselves and carry it to their base. Once there, it is tic-tic boom! and one airport will be yours.


Left mouse button: fire
Right mouse button: aim
Arrow keys or WASD: move
C key: crouch
Spacebar: jump
L key: enable mouse cursor

Game developer:

Airport Clash 3D was developed by Freeway Interactive.

Also from Freeway Interactive: Zombie Clash 3D, Subway Clash 3D, Sniper Clash 3D

Last updated: Feb 02, 2024

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