Get ready for the strangest and most chaotic battle ever in!

In this online multiplayer game, you will be suddenly thrown into a battle with enemies and team members from all over the world and killing is the rule. 

However, the final goal of the battle can vary, so make sure to check into which map you fell into! Your goal may be to capture a point, capture a flag, kill confirmed, or even a free for all, among others. The maps can also be different, so do not feel too confident if you think you have mastered one of them.

You may also want to login in to be able to open special gifts hidden in the maps and unlock more powerful weapons by earning more XP points.

Fight your enemies and become the hero in this 2D shooting game!


WASD or arrow keys: movement
R key: reload
E key: enter a car
Left mouse button: shoot
Right mouse button: show emote
Mouse wheel or 1-2-3-4: change weapons
M key: map

Game developer: was developed by Sarunas Visockas.

Also from Sarunas Visockas: Royale Dudes

Last updated: Oct 11, 2023

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