2 Player 3D City Racer

Race through iconic cities like New York or San Francisco in 2 Player 3D City Racer! Compete against a friend in the 2-player mode to check who has the best driving skills or face-off AI drives and run them over for the first place.

There is no time limit or damage to your car so you have free rein to drive as crazily as you want! But be aware: the higher your final position, the higher your prize money. And you will need those extra coins to build up a fancy garage with all sorts of cars in it, ready to be driven!

Can you avoid all the obstacles and tackle the narrow curves smoothly to get to the finish line ahead of everyone else?


Up arrow or W key: move forward
Left arrow or A key: turn left
Right arrow or D key: turn right
Bottom arrow or S key: reverse gear 

Game developer:

2 Player 3D City Racer was developed by Vitality Games.

Also from Vitality Games: Real Construction Excavator Simulator, GP Moto Racing 3, Burnout Night Racing

Last updated: Dec 21, 2022

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