2 Player Racing Games

Get ready to race and leave your friend in the dust with this collection of online 2-player racing games! Who will cross the finish line first?

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Get ready to leave your friends in the dust, because in these 2-player racing games, there is no such thing as friendship - only winning matters. Although racing in single-player games can be fun, nothing compares to the thrill of knowing who your opponents are, especially when they are friends or family. Winning tastes better when you can rub it in people's faces, after all.

In this collection, you will find different types of racing games to suit your taste. They all have two things in common: racing and 2-player mode. Other than that, the gameplay, graphics, and even the vehicle you will be driving can be significantly different. For example, in Speed Boat Extreme Racing the race takes place on water and you will be controlling a speed boat, while Truck Driver: Snowy Road is a simulator that will put you and your friend behind the wheels of massive trucks.

Car games

It is very common for car games and racing games to overlap. After all, Formula 1, Nascar, Rallys, and many other famous racing competitions happen behind the wheels of powerful cars. In this collection of 2-player racing games, you will find plenty of examples of such competitions ready for you and your friend to take on, but also other rather unusual ones.

For example, while in the F1 game Grand Extreme Racing hitting your opponent can send you spinning out of control, in Death Race Monster Arena it is almost imperative that you ram the other cars out of the track if you want to have a chance of winning.

Bike games

Side by side with cars, 3D bike games, and bike games in general, represent a big chunk of all racing games designed for 2-players. This predominance is also clear in this collection. Nevertheless, despite all belonging to the same genre, the games themselves can be very different among themselves.

For example, Crazy 2 Player Moto Racing is a goofy game that will take you on strange racing tracks filled with obstacles, traps, loops, jumps, and fighting scenes. Dirt Bike Racing Duel, on the other hand, takes a more realistic approach, especially when it comes to physics since you also need to balance the bike to avoid falling.

Whichever vehicle you choose to drive and the type of race you and your friend choose to challenge, one thing is certain: only the first crossing the finish line can win! Who will it be? Start exploring this collection of 2-player racing games now!


What are the best 2 player racing games on Reludi?

  1. Two Punk Racing
  2. Dirt Bike Racing Duel
  3. Night City Racing
  4. Truck Driver: Snowy Roads
  5. Grand Extreme Racing
  6. Two Punk Racing 2

Which are the most recent 2 player racing games on Reludi?

  1. Funny Mad Racing
  2. Mega City Racing
  3. Extreme Blur Race

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