Two Punk Racing 2

Get ready to feel the adrenaline rush of a fast racing competition with the online game Two Punk Racing 2.

In this game, winning is the keyword. Join one of two game modes available and get ready to step on the gas pedal with all your mighty strength. Both modes are available for single or two players. 

In the racing mode, your goal is to show off your driving skills to try to win a race against your friend or computer-controlled drivers. In both cases, you can be certain that your job will not be easy. The second game mode is “Free Driving”. Drive alone or with a friend through the empty streets of the city in search of rewards while practicing your skills can car control.

Have fun speeding like a madman in this online game!


Player 1
Arrow keys: move
N key: nitro
B key: look back

Player 2
WASD: move
T key: nitro
C key: look back

Game developer:

Two Punk Racing 2 was developed by RHM Interactive.

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Last updated: Oct 11, 2023

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