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Prove that you’re a top driver and show off your maneuvering skills with these online parking games. Park cars, trucks, buses, and much more!

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Parking is the big bad wolf for many drivers. Both newbies learning how to drive and even many experienced drivers struggle to gauge the size of the car and the spot available and maneuver the vehicle in such a way that they can park it without hitting anything or anyone while doing it. These online parking games are well aware of the challenge, that’s why they made it into something fun!

This genre of games can be roughly divided into two categories: simulators and thinking games.

Simulation games

Simulator games are the toughest parking challenges since they strive to offer the most realistic experience possible. In many cases, this means that you will have to perform several maneuvers and avoid crashing or even slightly touching any other cars or obstacles while doing it. Getting your vehicle within the designed parking lines is also a requirement, so be prepared to go back and forward many times until you fix your position. Do you think we might be exaggerating and that you can do any of these things easily? Then try Vehicle Parking Master 3D, for example, or 2D Car Parking.

Puzzle games

Thinking games under the “parking” subject tend to be more focused on the path the cars take to their allocated parking space, rather than on the action of parking itself. Drawing games are especially popular within these because they allow the players to control and set the route for the vehicles. 

In games like Parking Rush or Parking Way, for instance, the routes the players need to draw must take into account any obstacles on the road, but also the time at which each car departs. Avoiding crashing is fundamental. 

I like big trucks and I cannot lie

If parking a car can be challenging, parking a bus or a truck can seem impossible altogether. These vehicles are much larger and, thus, more difficult to accommodate, but they are also stiffer when it comes to changing directions or maneuvering overall.

Do you think you can park them without hitting a single traffic cone? Try Bus Parking Simulator 3D or Truck Space, then!

I believe I can fly

Parking is not exclusive to cars and this collection of parking games would be incomplete if it didn’t include helicopter games as well.

If driving and parking is hard, what can be said of flying and parking? Becoming a pilot and controlling a chopper in the air is not easy. There are altitude, direction, and speed changes, and then, the tricky part, is how you start losing control of it all as you come closer and closer to the heliport. This means you need to plan your parking strategy in advance because there is little room for changes later. 

Do you feel like trying it and challenging yourself? Play Helicopter Parking and Racing Simulator, for example. 

Lose your fear of parking and start seeing these maneuvering as fun challenges thanks to this collection of online parking games. Are you ready to give it a try?


What are the best parking games on Reludi?

  1. Bus Parking Simulator 3D
  2. Helicopter Parking and Racing Simulator
  3. School Bus Simulation
  4. Parking Jam Escape
  5. 2D Car Parking
  6. Car Parking City Duel

Which are the most recent parking games on Reludi?

  1. Bus Stop
  2. Parking Jam Escape
  3. School Bus Simulation

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