Truck Space

Driving a truck requires a skilled driver with complete control over the vehicle and a good sense of distances and directions. The online game Truck Space offers you the opportunity to challenge all these skills.

Forget about racing or working carrying cargo from one site to the other. Before you can ever hit the road, you must first prove that you can drive a big truck. Your goal is to perfectly park the truck within the designated area. The front, back, and wheels must be perfectly aligned with the marks on the floor for you to complete the level and unlock the next one.

If you hit any obstacle or even slightly scratch the truck, it’s game over.

The clock is ticking. Can you prove you are an expert truck driver before time runs out?


WASD or arrow keys: move

Game developer:

Truck Space was developed by SDV Imants Klava.

Last updated: Oct 13, 2023

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