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Become a bus driver and show off your driving skills in these online bus games! Carry passengers or race against big vehicles, and have fun!

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Get ready for these online bus games and discover the thrill of driving passengers through crowded cities trying to always arrive on time!

Anyone can drive a car, especially a virtual one, but buses are in a whole different dimension. They are big, stiff, and made to carry live passengers. In other words, driving it smoothly is not easy at all. But don’t think this is the only challenge these games present! In fact, they can be divided into two main types of games: simulation and racing.

Simulator games

Simulator games are all about replicating a real-life experience. As a bus driver, this means following the rules of the road, picking up passengers, and taking them to their stops safely and on time. Most games follow a career mode, which means you are supposed to complete different challenges to move on to the next level. It also means the challenges will get progressively harder. 

For example, in games like Hill Station Bus Simulator, you will have to drive through narrow mountain roads as quickly as possible. If you take too long, you might run out of gas. 

There is another detail to bus simulation games. Unlike truck games, for example, the fact that you carry passengers is decisive. While with trucks you may lose part of your cargo and still be fine, if you crash or scratch a bus in a simulation game, it’s game over. 

Parking games

Within simulator games, there is also a very specific genre in which buses are popular: parking games

Parking a car is already challenging, but parking buses can become a fun headache. Maneuvering the vehicle to make it fit into the designated parking space requires much skill and patience, but each game then adds its own unique challenging features.

For example, in the game City Bus Parking Simulator Challenge 3D, the designated parking space is always on a narrow street and surrounded by other vehicles, while in Bus Parking Simulator 3D you must park the bus, facing the correct direction, before the time runs out.

Racing games

Racing games are all about racing and crossing the finish line first. Car games and bike games are famous within this genre but buses are starting to leave their mark too!

What sets them apart is how different driving them feels. Unlike smaller vehicles, buses are slower, and changing directions is not always easy or smooth. In other words, these racing games can quickly turn into bumping fights or a succession of near misses that make your heart beat faster. If you want to feel this kind of excitement, try City Minibus Driver, for example.

Whatever your favorite game type, you can be sure that these online bus games will always be fun and challenging. So buckle up and get ready to play!


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