Highway Bus Rush

Get ready to put your reflexes and driving skills to the test with the online game Highway Bus Rush!

To be a successful bus driver you must fulfill your schedule and take the passengers to their destination on time. In this online game, you get to prove you have what it takes by entering race challenges. The goal will depend on the challenge you are undertaking. For example, you might have to drive through a crowded highway at top speed for a certain time, without crashing or using your brakes or you might have to cover a certain distance within the time limit. The driving conditions can also be different between the challenges. You might have to drive at night or in the rain, for instance. You can always select the Infinite mode or the Free mode to practice your driving skills first.

Try your best to complete all the driving challenges!


WASD or arrow keys: drive
Spacebar: brake

Game developer:

Highway Bus Rush was developed by Instant Games Studio.

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Last updated: May 09, 2024

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