Extreme Blur Race

Are you looking for adrenaline? Does competing against other players make you feel alive and even your blood boil when things don’t go your way? Then Extreme Blur Race is the game for you.

Whether you choose to play alone or against a friend in the two-player mode, the competition will be hard. Controlling the tiny cars will be your first challenge but that will be only the beginning of your problems. As if getting to a high speed and avoiding colliding with your opponents was not hard enough, there will be strange power-ups on the road. These include nitro boosts but also fireballs that you can push against your opponents to make them crash. The hard part is that all racers have access to these power-ups, so you might be the one being hit with the fireball.

Are you ready for this fierce race?


Single-player mode
WASD or arrow keys: drive

2-player mode
Player 1
WASD: drive

Player 2
Arrow keys: drive

Game developer:

Extreme Blur Race was developed by ISS Game Studio.

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Last updated: Mar 21, 2024

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