Archery King

It’s time to show off your sportsmanship and prove your value when it comes to controlling one of the oldest war weapons: the bow and arrow. It’s time to play Archery King!

In this online game, you will be entering a championship of archery. You can only move to the next round if you reach the minimum amount of points to do so. You will be shooting outdoors which means that your arrow can be affected by factors like the wind. There will be indications on the screen in case any factors might be at play.

Archery King is also a multiplayer game. You can engage in a one-on-one competition against a stranger using the public multiplayer rooms or create a room with a password and send an invitation to a friend to play in 2-player mode.

Will you win this competition and reach the Olympics or are you nothing more than a newbie?


Press and hold to activate the aiming mode. Drag to adjust the aim and release to shoot the arrow.

Game developer:

Archery King was developed by Code This Lab.

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Last updated: Apr 03, 2024

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