9 Ball Pro

9 Ball Pro is an online game that brings you a different type of pool game for you to try and discover. 

This game is a variant of the classic 8-ball pool game. The rules are essentially the same between the two, with one major difference: the balls need to be pocketed in order of their value, with the 9th being the last. In other words, you must pocket the 1-ball to be able to pocket the 2-ball. 

The game is available in two modes. You can challenge your skills against a computer and choose the level of difficulty of the game (easy, medium, or hard); or you can play in the 2-player mode and invite a friend to play with you.

Are you as good in the game of the 9-ball pool as you are in the classic 8-ball pool?


Aim with the mouse. Then press a mouse button and drag to pull back the cue. The farther you pull, the stronger the hit.

Game developer:

9 Ball Pro was developed by Code This Lab.

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Last updated: Oct 11, 2023

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