Pro Billiards

Feeling like a good old game of billiards but are not in the mood to go to a bar? Fear not. Pro Billiards is an online game that will bring all the fun of playing billiards to you, wherever you are.

There are two game modes available. In the 2 -player mode you can have fun competing against a friend. Both must play on the same device and use the mouse as if it was a real cue. The other game mode is a single-player one in which you play against time. The goal in this case is to pocket all the balls before you run out of time. 

Remember that in any game of billiards, regardless of the game mode you choose, the black ball with the number 8 on it must be the last one to be pocketed. Otherwise, you will be committing a foul.

Who will win? Are you the ultimate master of billiards?


Use the mouse to aim and control the strength of the cue. Click to hit the ball.

Game developer:

Pro Billiards was developed by magnificstudios.

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Last updated: Dec 21, 2022

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