Battle Soccer Arena

Battle Soccer Arena is more than a simple football online game: it is a fight for survival! 

In this game, you must play against a computer-controlled team or a friend in the 2-player mode. In theory, it is a simple football game. First, you choose the national team you want to take to victory. Then, you must control the players on your team to try to score more goals, while at the same time preventing your adversary from reaching your goal.

But there is a very important catch! Bombs and power-ups will suddenly be thrown into the pitch to make things more complicated. Do not worry, a bomb will not eliminate a player from your team. However, if you decide to try to kick it, you will turn into a block of ice and you will be effectively playing with one player less.

Sounds fun? Give it a go and prove your football skills in this strange arena.


Spacebar: kick
Arrow keys: movement

Game developer:

Battle Soccer Arena was developed by magnificstudios.

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Last updated: Oct 11, 2023

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