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Try not to get flushed away by all the weirdness and feel the beat of these online Skibidi games! Shoot, dance, escape, and have fun!

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Buckle up, toilet crusader, because these online Skibidi games are ready to take you on some wacky, meme-filled adventures!

Strange toilets with heads popping out of them have gone rogue and are raising havoc around the world. Not only are they dangerous, but they are also armed with weapons and ill intentions. That is the basic premise of most games within this genre. And, as such, you as the player are tasked with blasting, bashing, and dodging these porcelain attackers!

The way you do it and the type of scenery you find yourself surrounded by is what makes each game unique. For example, in multiplayer games like Skibidi Online you will be standing in a closed arena facing waves of toilets coming to take you down. However, in shooting games like Skibidi Toilet Shooting or Skibidi Toilets Attack you will find yourself in empty cities that were taken over by these meme-beings and you must shoot down as many as you can to save humanity.

Although most games have you defending the world from a toilet invasion, others can put you in the hilarious shoes of a toilet itself!
For instance, in Skibidi Toilet Haunted Dorm you can choose your ultimate goal. Either you play the victim who must reinforce the dorm to avoid any invasion, or you can choose to be the toilet trying to snatch the students from their dorms.

If you are looking for funny games with a crossover from popular characters, you can also try Skibidi Toilet Attack and have fun playing as a toilet throwing sharp things at the aliens from the franchise Among Us.

As you can see, a simple toilet moving to a catchy tune can generate different types of fun online games. What are you waiting for? Get your daily dose of weirdness and start playing these Skibidi games!


What are the best skibidi games on Reludi?

  1. Skibidi Toilet Shooter Chapter 1
  2. Toilet War: Merge Skibidi
  3. Skibidi Toilets Attack
  4. Skibidi Dash
  5. Skibidi Toilet Shooting
  6. Skibidi Toilet Attack

Which are the most recent skibidi games on Reludi?

  1. Toilet War: Merge Skibidi
  2. Stickman vs. Skibidi Toilet
  3. Skibidi Toilet Attack

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