Snake Games

Feed your snake and watch it grow dangerously large in these snake games. How long until you hit your own tail?

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About snake games

Snake games are a natural consequence of the popularity of the genre, which keeps conquering new fans with its simplicity even after so many years.

Few if any could ever imagine that the primitive game that first appeared as a single-player game in 1978 would still be one of the most well-known and played games until this day. Nokia phones certainly had a fundamental role in taking the game to the masses, but the fact that the game genre continues to prosper even after is proof of its potential. 

A simple line moving across a playing field eating points isn't exactly an innovative concept. Yet the game proved extremely entertaining, especially when added to the challenges of avoiding hitting one’s tail and the walls. 

Online snake games have advantages that previous games lacked, namely a system that allows them to expand on the game and jump between the classic and the new.

Retro games like Snake keep to the more retro graphics to take players on a journey through time, back to the arcades. Those who were first introduced to Snake in the Nokia phones will find Classic Snake much more familiar, with its green playfield and the graphics of their old phones. 

Snake Challenge takes both the classic arcade and phone games and infuses them with cute graphics, actually turning the line into a snake and the “food” into, well… food! Check it out to see it for yourself!

Most importantly, have fun exploring different games from this game genre that is still getting new fans even today.


What are the best snake games on Reludi?

  1. PAPER.IO 2
  2. Worms Zone a Slithery Snake
  3. Worm Hunt: Snake Game
  4. Snake IO War
  5. Little Big Snake
  6. Snakez

Which are the most recent snake games on Reludi?

  1. Anaconda Runner
  2. Soccer Snakes
  3. Snake Fruit

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