Cool Snakes

Cool Snakes is an online game inspired by the classic .io games in which have to control and feed a worm in an arena to make it grow into the largest snake the world has ever seen.

This game is just like that too. You must control your “snake” in a 3D arena and eat as much food as you can to increase your length. While at it, you must avoid the other snakes in the arena. If you touch their tail, you will be out. However, you can be sneaky and try to make them hit your own tail so they will be out. 

If you noticed the quotation marks on “snake” then you have already spotted one of the funnier features of this game. Yes, you can play as a snake, but why go for something so conservative when you can play as a conga line, a limousine,  a human centipede, or a soccer team, among many others? Even if you prefer a snake, you can have fun choosing which snake to be!

Are you ready to join the arena and be the biggest you can be?


Mouse: move
Mouse left button: dash

Game developer:

Cool Snakes was developed by GameOnHai.

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Last updated: Oct 11, 2023

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