Blocky Snake

Blocky Snake is an online game that reinvented the classic snake game to make it more challenging and fresher.

As with the iconic game, your goal is to survive the longest possible but with a catch: now you must both eat and destroy blocks as you go.

In this 3D game, your snake starts with a length of 10 blocks. To increase your score, you must destroy the colorful boxes along the way. Each box will have a number on it to indicate how many snake blocks you will have to sacrifice to destroy it.

Try to also collect coins as you go. You can then use them to unlock new maps to explore.


WASD or Arrow keys: move

Mouse ou touchscreen
Click/touch and drag to move

Game developer:

Blocky Snake was developed by FG Studio.

Also from FG Studio: GTA: Save My City, London Crime City

Last updated: Oct 11, 2023

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