Take a moment to relax with a classic game of Mahjong Solitaire, now online and for free. Have fun matching beautifully designed tiles and deconstructing amazing pyramid shapes to clear the tableau and win the game. 

Play with the traditional tiles from the Chinese game or turn this Mahjong Solitaire into a much more unique experience by matching tiles with flags, vegetables and fruits, numbers, and other interesting designs. You can also choose different color contrasts to make sure you can spot all the combinations.

Make sure to tackle the pyramid with a strategy to remove all the tiles swiftly and avoid a situation where no more moves are possible. Challenge your matching skills and have fun playing our Mahjong Solitaire online.

How to play Mahjong

Mahjong Solitaire has very simple gameplay. Your goal is to keep pairing tiles with the same design to remove them from the tableau. You win when there is no tile left.

However, there is an important rule to take into account: you can only pair and remove tiles that have at least one free lateral and no other tiles on top. To make it easier to understand, imagine that you can only remove the tiles if you slide them to the right or left and your movement cannot affect the other tiles or make the pyramid fall.

In our Mahjong Solitaire online, you do not need to swipe the pieces, only to click on them to select them. 

To have a customized game experience, be sure to check the game settings. Here you can choose to have the playable tiles highlighted, pick different tile designs and enable or disable the auto-zoom.

On the puzzle game tableau, you have also the option to undo movements, hints, and a shuffle feature. All the tools you may need to successfully complete the puzzle.

Know the tiles

Mahjong Online uses the symbols of the traditional Chinese Mahjong game:

Numbers: tiles with the Chinese characters for the numbers from 1 to 9 on the top and the character for myriad at the bottom.

Bamboos: also known as sticks or strings. Represent strings of coins roped together.

Circles: represent ancient Chinese coins. The tiles in this suit can have 1 to 9 circles.

Dragons: there are three dragons (no relation to the mythical beasts). The red means “center”, the green means “to strike rich”, and the white dragon is represented by an empty tile or one with only a frame to it. 

Winds: four tiles with the Chinese character for each cardinal direction - north (北), south (南), east (東), and west (西).

Seasons: four tiles with the Chinese character for each season - Spring (春), Summer (夏), Autumn/Fall (秋), and Winter (冬).

Flowers: these carry the drawings of four types of flowers and the Chinese character for each - Plum (梅), Orchid (蘭), Chrysanthemum (菊), and Bamboo (竹).

Mahjong Tips

Plan your pairings

If given the option, try to always match pairs that unlock other tiles so you can progress in the game. If a pair does not affect the puzzle in any way, delay that match. Further ahead, you may need those tiles to unlock more moves. Therefore, wasting them on an inconsequential match can result in an unsolvable puzzle.

Pay attention to similar tiles on top of each other

A tile is only playable if it has no others on top of it. Therefore, if you see two tiles with the same symbol overlapping, keep an eye out for a pair somewhere else in the game.

If you keep matching the tiles out of impulse, you may miss it when the pairs for the overlapping tiles become available. If you match those tiles and forget the ones in a pile you may turn the puzzle unsolvable as there is no way to unlock the tile on the bottom until you clear the one on top of it.

Focus on high piles and long rows

A tile can only be paired with another if it has at least one edge free and no other on top. Long rows translate into several tiles with their edges blocked and high stacks into a group of tiles inaccessible.

For that reason, these should be your priority. Before starting to match pairs elsewhere in the puzzle, focus on these rows and stacks and try to deconstruct them.

Do not rely on the hints

Most Online Mahjong games have a hint button to help players when they cannot find more moves. Our game on Reludi is not an exception.

However, bear in mind that these hints only highlight possible moves within the puzzle. They do not take into account a strategy, tiles are locked in stacks, or the game progress. For that reason, you should not rely on them blindly. 

Use the hint button to your advantage and choose to proceed only with the pairs that can bring you closer to victory.

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This game was developed by Appgeneration. You can also play this Mahjong game at their website and enjoy a greater variety of features and game options, including more puzzles divided by categories, daily challenges, and a blog with tips and strategies to become a Mahjong master.

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Mahjong was developed by AppGeneration.

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Last updated: Oct 16, 2023

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