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About Mahjong games

They share the name with a famous classic Chinese game, but their challenges are unique enough to make them one of the most popular puzzle game genres in the world. We are obviously talking about Mahjong games!

They received their name thanks to the traditional symbols used on the puzzle tiles, which are the same Chinese symbols and characters as in the Chinese game. But this is where the similarities stop.

Whether online or offline, the games that reached a worldwide audience are of the matching type. Their rules are quite simple: keep pairing tiles with the same symbol to remove them from the board. The only condition is that the tiles must have no other tiles on top of them and they must have at least one lateral side free in order to be selected and paired. Try the classic Mahjong, for example, for a proper introduction or a fun traditional game. 

Online gaming brought a breath of fresh air to these games, adding new challenges or interesting features that make them more fun and addictive. For example, in the online game Mahjong Story 2, solving the puzzles becomes a means to help a sweet girl and her pet travel the world. 

Then there are the new coming 3D versions of the classic matching game like Mahjong 3D. Prepare for a whole new challenge with these puzzles.

Finally, online gaming created the perfect conditions for the birth of a new game mode: multiplayer! Now, you can play games such as Mahjong Duels and share your passion for matching puzzles with other players worldwide. You will still be playing in a solitaire mode, just you and the puzzle, with no interference. However, you will be playing under pressure knowing that there is someone, somewhere trying to beat you by solving the same puzzle first.

Have fun exploring all the classic and new versions of Solitaire Mahjong games that we have for you!


What are the best mahjong games on Reludi?

  1. Mahjong Duels
  2. Mahjong Quest
  3. Mahjong Royal
  4. Mahjong
  5. Mahjong Frenzy
  6. Candy Mahjong

Which are the most recent mahjong games on Reludi?

  1. Mahjong Connect Gold
  2. Solitaire Mahjong Farm 2
  3. Mystic Mahjongg

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