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These games for girls have everything a girl could wish for: cute characters, fashion competitions, relaxing puzzles, and incredible challenges.


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About our games for girls

Get in touch with your more feminine side and with your fashionista persona and get ready to dazzle everyone with your sense of style! These online games for girls have everything a girl could wish for, from relaxing puzzles, and skill challenges, to the latest fashionable competitions.

Dress up games

Change and experiment with clothes, accessories, and the latest fashion trends in our online dress-up games. You can try regal and princess-worthy outfits in games such as Queen Fashion Salon Royal Dress Up, or go for something more outside the box and take the challenge of turning your unicorn into the latest fashion icon in Unicorn Dress-up!

Makeup games

Do you want to experiment with makeup and the way simple details can change the overall vibe of an outfit or even of a person’s face? Then you must try out makeup games!

Makeup is an extremely important step when it comes to achieving the perfect style and look. Even the most subdued and simple dress can suddenly be turned into an extravagant and sexy outfit with the right makeup. 

Have fun discovering how playing with colors and shapes can affect the end result of any fashion style in games such as Besties Makeover Salon or Ancient Dragon Princess. Or perhaps you may want to try less conventional makeup styles and experiment with darker or more urban styles. If that is the case, make sure to try the Goth-style game Gothic New Era or Jiraikei Aesthetics for Tokyo street-style makeup.

Other games for girls

If you prefer cute adventures, characters, and storylines that require more gaming skills to win, these games for girls also have you covered. You can try to become the most talented musician in Piano Tiles 3 and hit all the right notes without missing not even one, for example. For more classic skill games, you can also try Four, or Mahjong Duels

Whatever genre of games you prefer, you will surely find a new favorite in this category of online games for girls.


What are the best games for girls on Reludi?

  1. Piano Tiles 3
  2. Dress Up Fashion Stylist
  3. Barbie Fashion Hair Saloon
  4. Gothic New Era
  5. Pajama Party
  6. Pou Original

Which are the most recent games for girls on Reludi?

  1. Barbie Slide
  2. Princesses Coloring Book
  3. Ice Princess Hidden Hearts

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