Four Colors

Anyone who enjoys a good game of UNO will certainly love Four Colors, a free online card game with all the UNO’s features. You no longer need to find partners to play with you and put friendships at risk because of the famous +2 and +4 cards. 

In our Four Colors game, you always have computer-controlled opponents waiting to be challenged. You can even choose how many you want to face up: 1, 2, or 3 opponents. 

The rules are already clearly established from the beginning, which means that there will be no unpleasant surprises of opponents trying to change them midway through the game.


Four Colors is an online game that follows the same principles and rules of UNO cards. If you are not familiar with this game, the rules are pretty simple:

1. You can only put down a card if it is the same number or color as the one already on the table.

2. If you do not have cards fulfilling these criteria, you must draw one from the center pile. You can play the drawn card if it is the same number or color as the one in the center. If not, you lose your turn.

3. When you have only one card left you must signal it to the other players. Otherwise, you will have to draw penalty cards.

4. The first player to put all the cards down wins the game and receives the same number of points as the value of the other players’ cards.

These are the basic rules of both UNO and Four Colors. However, in addition to the regular cards with numbers, there are also special action cards that make the game more interesting and challenging. 

These are:

- Skip (prohibition sign): the next player loses their turn.

- Reverse (two curved arrows pointing at each other): inverts the order of play.

- Draw Two (+2): the next player draws two cards and loses their turn.

- Wild (four colors): the player can dictate the next color to be played.

- Wild Draw 4 (+4): can only be played when there is no other alternative. The player can dictate the next color to be played. Additionally, the next player has to draw four cards and loses a turn.

How to play Four Colors online

Choose how many players you want to face: 1, 2, or 3, to start the game. The cards are drawn from the center, 10 for each player. Then one card is turned face up to begin the match. 

You start as player one and the sequence will continue clockwise unless a reverse card is played. You can only play cards with the same number or color as the one in the center.

When you only have one card left, you must press the ‘1’ button in the center. If you take too long and the next player starts their turn in the meanwhile, you will receive 2 penalty cards.

The first player to put down all their cards wins the game and collects the same number of points as the value of the cards the opponents still have left. The number cards have their face value. The action cards are worth 20 points (draw 2, skip, reverse) or 50 points (wild card and wild draw four).

Tips and strategies to win at Four Colors

Save the +2 and +4

The +4 is a wild card that can be played on top of any color when you do not have any other alternative cards. Therefore it is best to save it to avoid having to draw a card when you do not have the number or color in the center of the table. If it is your last card, you have more chances of winning since you do not depend on the card played by the player before you.

You should save the +2 as well, but for a strategic reason. If you notice that the next player is close to winning, you can try to play the +2 to give them two more cards.

Keep an eye on your opponents

If you notice that an opponent keeps playing the same color, try to change it to force them to draw cards. If, on the contrary, you notice that they keep drawing cards whenever a certain color is on the table, try to play that color.

These strategies work both at UNO and Four Colors to increase the chances that your opponents have to draw more cards.

Avoid repeated numbers

The more varied cards in colors and numbers your hand, the more chances you have of winning. Therefore, you should try to get rid of any repeated numbers you might have. For example, if you have a green 4, yellow 4, and red 4, try to get rid of at least one of them. 

Just be careful that you maintain a good variety of colors when choosing which ones to play with.

Play the higher cards first

In this Four Colors online game, the winner collects the same number of points as those on the cards of the remaining players. This means that while playing to win, you need to also plan for an eventual defeat.

To avoid giving them many points in case you lose, try to keep your cards low and play the ones with a higher value first. For example, if you are playing for blue and you have a blue 9 and a blue 2, play the 9 and keep the 2.

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Game developer:

Four Colors was developed by Code This Lab.

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Last updated: Jan 26, 2023

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