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Play card games anywhere and anytime! Have fun playing amazing casino card games, games of luck, or relaxing challenges like Solitaire!

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About Card Games

Fans of card games will find paradise in this category of free online games. Regardless of the type of game and cards that you like to use, we have them for you to play and enjoy.

Are you into casino card games but have no will to spend real money to play them? Fear not. May the odds be ever in your favor in games like Las Vegas Blackjack or Baccarat. You can even choose to play against real players online or against clever computers. The point is that you can train your card skills and enjoy playing with luck while keeping your bank account safe. 

Poker games are also a must in any category of online card games, so you can obviously find them here too. Whether you choose the classic setup of Poker with Friends, or a stranger experience playing against bizarre characters in Banana Poker, you will surely have fun getting your virtual poker face ready.

And if you came here looking for more classic and relaxing card games just to enjoy on your own, we have got you covered too. Why not have fun playing an online version of UNO with the game Four Colors? Or trying to build the biggest farm the world has ever seen by winning games of the classic Solitaire Tripeaks in Solitaire Farm: Seasons?

Take a moment to check all the online card games in our catalog and have fun!

Solitaire games

Solitaire card games manage to achieve the unachievable: be challenging and highly strategic while having simple rules and gameplay. The fact that they are designed for single players is also an advantage as the individuals can enjoy these games any time they want without having to wait on others. 

Although they are highly popular both online and offline, they can be much more fun in the first case, not the least because you can skip the annoying part of setting up the cards and cleaning up afterward. 

With Microsoft Solitaire, for example, you can enjoy 4 of the most popular games that came with the Microsoft Software all in one place and as many times as you want. You can also try Mansion Solitaire, a less-known variation within the genre, to check if you like it. If not, you can simply pick another game and move on to a different challenge. 

If you want to find both the classics and the latest variants more quickly, check out our collection of Solitaire Games.

Multiplayer card games

Playing alone can be fun, but nothing tickles one’s competitive side as playing against other players. This is especially true when we talk about facing other real people and not simply a computer programmed to play in a certain way.

If that resonates with you, then you must check our collection of Multiplayer Games. Here you will find many genres of games and among them classics like Spades or Hearts. Join their multiplayer rooms and challenge real players from all over the world or invite your friends to a private virtual competition. 

Tips to be good at every card game

1. Make sure you understand the rules

To play a game you must understand the rules, but this can be especially important when it comes to card games due to their variations. Although their overall rules tend to remain the same, some details might be different depending on the culture or the geographical area.

These can affect not only your scoring but also condition the way you can or might play. 

2. Try to memorize the cards

Depending on the game, this tip might be more or less useful, but one thing is certain: it doesn’t hurt your winning perspectives to know which cards have already been played.

Remembering the cards is essential to create a thorough strategy. Combining that information with the cards that are still in your hand, you can calculate how many points are still in the game and make an educated guess on which cards your opponents have.

3. Have a strategy

The best tip to win is to always have a strategy. Even before you receive your cards, you should already have an overall plan. It is easier to make adjustments to your strategy than to create a new one every time the game changes.

In that sense, you must create an overall strategy and adjust it if needed when you receive your cards. Then it is all about paying attention to the cards played and your opponents' moves. If you are a good strategist, your original plan might be enough to win regardless of the game’s unknowns.

4. Be quick

If you have a strategy in place, you won’t be needing much time to think about your next move. Whenever possible, don’t waste any time.

Some games are timed, and it won’t do you any good to waste points needlessly. Even when a clock is not involved, if you are playing against other players it is always a good strategy to move quickly. 

By doing so, they will have no extra time to analyze the game and adjust their own strategies because they will be left on the spot right away. Peer pressure can be enough to make them hurry too and make a mistake just so they don’t feel like everyone is waiting for them.

5. Practice

Practice makes perfect. There is no better way to learn the rules, test out different strategies and exercise your memory to make it more natural to remember the cards. 

Online card games are great in these cases. You can choose to play against real people or against a computer as many times as you want. Forfeiting or restarting a game whenever you want is not a problem either.

Make sure to take advantage of these games and remember to have fun while at it. 


What are the best card games on Reludi?

  1. Solitaire Farm: Seasons
  2. Solitaire Story TriPeaks 4
  3. Microsoft Solitaire
  4. Classic Spider Solitaire
  5. Hearts Card Game
  6. Playing Cards Memory

Which are the most recent card games on Reludi?

  1. Emily's Hotel Solitaire
  2. Ocho
  3. Gameloft Solitaire

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