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Discover a world of classic card games that will help you relax and challenge your strategic mind at the same time with these online solitaire games.

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About Solitaire games

Give yourself a moment to unwind after a stressful day with these online Solitaire games, the classic card games that challenge and soothe your mind in equal measure.

Are you a massive fan of the classic Klondike solitaire, where the objective is to stack cards of the same suit in ascending order? In that case, you can check Daily Solitaire for a quick challenge or Solitaire Social, a game that lets you follow up on your statistics.

Or you can try Microsoft Solitaire! This game is in reality a pack with the most popular and timeless solitaire games that were included in Microsoft software and led to a boom in the genre's popularity all over the world. In this pack, you will find not only the classic Klondike game but also Spider, FreeCell, Pyramid, and Tripeaks. 

If you rather have a concrete goal while playing, instead of simply challenging single-random games, try Solitaire Farm: Seasons or Kings and Queens Solitaire Tripeaks. Both are games of Tripeaks Solitaire. In the first one, your goal is to keep winning to unlock new crops and expand your farm. In the second, winning will help you unlock new locations and travel all over the world.

These are only examples of the online Solitaire games that you can find here. There are many more to discover, from classics like FreeCell Solitaire Blue to fresh new challenges like Mansion Solitaire. So, take a moment to explore our collection and get ready for card games that will help you unwind and use your brain at the same time.


What are the best solitaire games on Reludi?

  1. Solitaire Farm: Seasons
  2. Solitaire Farm Seasons 2
  3. Solitaire Social
  4. Solitaire Story TriPeaks 4
  5. Microsoft Solitaire
  6. Solitaire Garden

Which are the most recent solitaire games on Reludi?

  1. Emily's Hotel Solitaire
  2. Gameloft Solitaire
  3. Solitaire Mahjong Farm 2

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