Solitaire Farm: Seasons

Do you love Solitaire Tripeaks but get bored after a while from playing without a goal in sight? Then Solitaire Farm: Seasons is the game for you!

This online card game combines the challenging features of Solitaire with the excitement of conquering new lands and new business opportunities.

Follow the path to success and clear all the levels to become the biggest farmer the world has ever seen! The more Solitaire Tripeaks puzzles you complete, the more powerful you become. Expand your farm, plant and harvest crops, to keep growing. Given time, you will be able to take over cities and gain the ability to plant the most exotic and rarest crops in the world!


Use the mouse to move the cursor and left-click for selection.

Game developer:

Solitaire Farm: Seasons was developed by SOFTGAMES.

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Last updated: Apr 10, 2024

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