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Numbers can wrack your brain with math and logic skills, but they can also be plenty of fun! Try these online number games and check for yourself.

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Are you a fan of numbers and the clever way they challenge your reasoning and logical thinking? If not, you will be once you try these online number games!

Discover new games to challenge your thinking skills and even your mathematical thinking while having fun at the same time. We have a wide variety of games waiting for you, to cover all your potential and preferences.

For starters, we have the classics like Sudoku, in which numbers are only a means to achieve the final goal of challenging your spatial and logical reasoning skills. It is a simple puzzle in theory since you only need to complete a grid taking care not to repeat any numbers per row and column, but the reality is much different. If you have never tried a Sudoku challenge, give it a go and you will soon understand why it is so addictive. 

Merging numbers games became all the rage with challenges like 2048 and they are yet to lose their allure. Knowing which numbers to merge and where requires practice, which surprises many first-time players who mistakenly think of these merges as brainless moves. The popularity of merging numbers games was so clear that a spin-off was soon overdue. And that is why games such as Number Match are now making waves. The goal is to simply sum or match the numbers, but rather than merging them into a higher digit, the players do it to remove them from a grid and unlock new matching possibilities.

Speaking of sums, in our collection of number games you will also find plenty to help you practice your math skills and have fun at the same time. In Master of Numbers or Super Count Masters, for example, you need to hurry up with your calculations to ensure that you have enough troops to go against your enemies. If you are looking for something more kids-friendly, then you need to check The Power of Math, a game in which they need to solve simple additions, subtractions, divisions, or multiplications to defeat a troll.

Whether you want to find games to practice your math or because you simply enjoy playing with numbers, we are certain that you will find more than one game to your liking in this collection. Have fun exploring all the games we have for you!


What are the best number games on Reludi?

  1. Master of Numbers
  2. X2 Block Match
  3. Sudoku Royal
  4. Cozy Merge
  5. Number Match
  6. Domino Multiplayer

Which are the most recent number games on Reludi?

  1. 2020 Connect
  2. 2048 Lines
  3. 2048 X2 Legends

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