2048 is a numbers puzzle that challenges math and strategy skills in a fun way. The goal of the game is already laid down in its name: get to 2048. To do it, the players must slide blocks within a grid to sum the numbers up.

2048 is an online game that was first popularized by a mobile app game with the same name. Despite its simplicity, it quickly became a favorite among adults and kids in equal measure for its challenging features and easy gameplay.

Can you get to 2048? It is more complicated than it looks! Give it a go and play 2048 online for free to try to get the winning sum.


The goal of this online game is to merge the blocks to arrive at the sum of 2048. You can only merge blocks with the same number and add to their sum. In other words, each merge creates a new block with double the value of the original blocks. For example, you can merge a 2 with a 2 to get a block with the number 4, but you cannot merge a 2 with a 4 to get a 6.

To get to the winning 2048 online, the sums are as follows:

2 + 2 = 4
4 + 4 = 8
8 + 8 = 16
16 + 16 = 32
32 + 32 = 64
64 + 64 = 128
128 + 128 = 256
256 + 256 = 512
512 + 512 = 1024
1024 + 1024 = 2048

To merge the blocks you must slide them across a 4 x 4 grid. When the grid is complete and you can no longer slide and merge numbers, you lose.

How to play 2048 online

2048 is an online game with a very simple structure. It is played on a 4 x 4 grid that starts with only two blocks with the number 2 on them. You must slide the blocks to merge the ones with the same number on them and get a new block with the sum of both.

To slide the blocks, use the arrows on your keyboard or swipe them to the left, right, up, or down. Every time you move the blocks, two new ones are added to the grid either with the numbers 2 or 4 in them, but never with a value higher. 

A few rules to keep in mind:

- You cannot move individual blocks. Each move causes all the blocks to be displaced, provided there are spaces in the grid.

- Each move causes two new blocks to appear. These will always be placed in empty spaces and do not displace the existing blocks.

- Each number corresponds to a different color to make it easier to find the blocks that can be merged.

You win the game when you can finally merge two blocks with 1024 to achieve the winning 2048 that gives the name to this online game.

However, you will lose when the grid becomes full and you can no longer move the blocks or merge them.

Last updated: Oct 11, 2023

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