X2 Block Match

If you are a fan of number games and merging games alike, then X2 Block Match is the perfect choice for you!

Similarly to the now classic 2048, your goal is to merge blocks with the same number to create a block with the sum of their value. The goal is also to get the magical 2048 block, but, to keep you motivated, there will be intermediary goals for you to achieve.

The gameplay is what makes this game distinctive. Instead of shifting blocks in a grid, you will be sending them down five runways. Blocks with the same number will automatically merge if they are adjacent. This means that you can merge blocks that are side by side or that are consecutive in the same lane.

What will your highest block be?


Tap or click on a lane to choose where to send the number block.

Game developer:

X2 Block Match was developed by Stonemobile Kft.

Last updated: Jan 09, 2024

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