Block Puzzle Sudoku

Complete rows, columns, and groups of a Sudoku-like panel using Tetris-like shapes to build up your score, achieve the target, and climb the ladder of best players of Block Puzzle Sudoku!

This puzzle game combines the basic rules of a Sudoku grid with the challenging features of classic block games. You must strive to become the best player by completing all the levels. However, the target score to progress in the game will get progressively harder. 

This is also a brain game, so try to be smart when placing the pieces on the panel. The more rows, columns and/or groups you can complete in one move, the higher your reward will be.

Are you ready to face this challenge?


Click/tap and drag the pieces to the grid. Release to place them.

Game developer:

Block Puzzle Sudoku was developed by SUN.STUDIO.

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Last updated: Apr 10, 2024

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