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They are fluffy, they are cute, they have whiskers, they meow and they are amazingly fun and challenging. Enjoy these online cat games!

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Kids love cats, women love cats, men love cats, the internet loves cats and now online gaming also loves cats! This collection of online cat games gathers all the best games starring felines in one place. That is all they have in common, a furry protagonist. Other than that, you get to explore different challenges that might suit your gaming tastes best.

Your parents or your landlord don’t allow pets at home? Worry not! You can still enjoy all the perks and duties of taking care of a cat in games like Meow Meow Life or discover what the life of a domestic cat is like with Cat Simulator

If you are more of a fan of wrecking your brain trying to solve challenging puzzles, but enjoy the sight of beautiful kittens to take the edge away, get ready. We have several types of puzzle games with a feline-central theme for you to explore. Try to fit all the cats in a progressively tricky panel in the online game Catland Block Puzzle, enjoy a matching Mahjong-style game with Pixel Cat Mahjong, or prevent the cats from running away by placing bushes and fences at the right spot in The Runaway Cats.

Whichever types of games you like the most, we are sure you will find one to your liking amid these online cat games. Even if you don’t, just looking at their funny whiskers is enough to make it a pleasant experience.


What are the best cat games on Reludi?

  1. Tom Hidden Stars
  2. Kitty Wedding Day
  3. Happy Cat Puzzle
  4. Cat Runner
  5. Save the Kitten
  6. Cat Simulator

Which are the most recent cat games on Reludi?

  1. Happy Cat Puzzle
  2. Pet Salon 2
  3. Fat Cat Life

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