Save the Kitten

It’s terrible! Tom Cat has gone mad and is tricking naive kittens into coming to his tower, only to throw them out from the highest floor. A brave ginger cat is willing to risk it all to save the little ones but he needs your help to do it. It’s time to play Save the Kitten!

Using a bouncy pillow, catch the kittens and, still bouncing them, take them to your friend who will be holding a basket to save them.

You will get coins for every kitten you save. You can then use that money to buy new pillows or power-ups that can help you save more kittens from evil Tom Cat.


AD or side arrow keys: move
2x AD or side arrow keys: turn around

Game developer:

Save the Kitten was developed by AppyApp.

Last updated: Apr 19, 2024

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