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Play, nurture, have fun, and learn with cute and ferocious animals alike with this collection of online animal games.

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About animal games

Cats, dogs, lions, elephants, giraffes, birds, penguins… the world of online gaming is crowded with animals that take center stage in the games’ narratives. Whether they show up as ferocious contenders in adventure games or as cute pets in simulators, the truth is that they are a hit with the public and deserve to stand on their own in a collection of online animal games.

Here you will find several examples showcasing how diverse this game genre can be. 

Fans of puzzles can have fun challenging their brains and delighting their eyes with the sweetest animal characters in games, for example. Dogs and cats are a common presence in these games, which can take up the form of different challenges suitable for any type of player. Those who enjoy a good match-3 puzzle, whether adults or children, can try Dog Puzzle Story, for instance. If you prefer brain games focused on challenging your logical skills, then you can do no wrong with Help the Kitten, a game in which you will have to carefully choose which gates to open to safely rescue a kitten.

Management and idle games are also present in this collection, for those who enjoy the thrill of running a business but also the sight of cute animals. Idle Pet Business or Idle Mole Empire are perfect for these players. They get to put their entrepreneurial skills to work while having fun checking the sweet animals that star in these games.

Everyone loves animals and animal games, but it is undeniable kids are especially attracted to these. This creates the perfect conditions for games that can both entertain and educate them in such a way that fun never stops. For example, in Supermarket Paws they can experience going to the supermarket, checking a grocery list, and choosing the right articles to put in their cart. Kitty Cats and Lovely Virtual Cat, on the other hand, give kids the chance to have a virtual pet and learn about how to take care of them and fulfill their needs, be it cleaning the litter box or playing with the cats to keep them healthy.

Cat Simulator is another simulator that lets players enjoy the challenges and fun of having a pet cat, but in a more realistic setting that makes it perfect also for adults.

Whether you enjoy playing with ferocious wild animals, challenging your brain with the help of cute domestic animals, or enjoying the adventure of caring for a virtual pet, we are sure that you will find a game to love within this collection.


What are the best animal games on Reludi?

  1. Protect My Dog 3
  2. Eat The Fish IO
  3. Tom Hidden Stars
  4. Kitty Wedding Day
  5. Baby Supermarket
  6. Happy Cat Puzzle

Which are the most recent animal games on Reludi?

  1. Happy Cat Puzzle
  2. Puppy Rescue
  3. Pet Salon 2

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