Welcome to the duck life!

Time to rescue the ducklings scattered all over the lake. Swim near the ducklings and retrieve them to a safe place, your nest. The more ducklings rescued, the bigger your nest gets!

Be cautious of wild lake dangers! Hasty boat drivers can knock you out and sneaky ducks might try to steal your ducklings!

Lake life can also be stylish. Unlock cute hats by saving ducklings. Select your favorite hat by quacking next to your home.

Invite as many friends as you would like to play co-op multiplayer. Together you can build the biggest duck fortress in the pond.



Move the cursor to move the duck.

Left button: change hats.


Direction keys or AWD: move the duck

Spacebar: change hats.

Game developer: was developed by Pelican Party Studios.

Last updated: Nov 09, 2023

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