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Nurture, treat, love, and have fun putting your natural caring disposition to use for others with our collection of online caring games.

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About caring games

While caring for others can be burdensome to some people, others see it as their purpose and their call. Not only that, but they genuinely have fun doing it. If that was untrue, then this collection of caring games would not exist.

Caring can entail many things, which explains why there is such a great variety of games within this genre.

For example, treating the wounds and other ailments of a sick person is considered as taking care of them. But you can do it in a more informal setting, as in the game Funny Rescue Sumo, in which you must care for a wounded fighter at home, or become a medical doctor and help kids with serious teeth problems, as in the game Doctor Teeth 2.

Caring can also mean showing someone with love and ensuring they are comfortable and happy. And that “someone” can also be a pet, of course! To please all our players, we want to make sure they have all the options available so they can have fun and enjoy a good time. That is why you can find in this collection games like Daily Baby Care in which you need to care for three babies, but also Animal Daycare, in which you must care for a dog, a cat, and a bunny.

But these are only some examples of the types of games you can find within this game genre and in this collection. Let your curiosity take over and check all the games we have for you. Perhaps your next favorite is one that you would never expect.


What are the best caring games on Reludi?

  1. Baby Hazel Skin Care
  2. Pou Original
  3. Emma Lip Surgery
  4. Pregnant Princess Caring
  5. Daily Baby Care
  6. Nose Hospital

Which are the most recent caring games on Reludi?

  1. Pet Salon 2
  2. Nose Hospital
  3. Babysitter Day

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