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Hurry up! The emergency room is bustling with patients and you are on your own! Become a doctor, a nurse, and a healer, and play online hospital games.

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Online hospital games take you directly into the center of action: the emergency room. Get ready to become a doctor, a nurse, an ambulance driver, or even a tycoon, because you will be on your own, facing non-stop waves of patients looking for help.

Despite the heavy topic, these games can be both educational and entertaining. Being injured and ill is not fun in theory, but these games certainly make it look so. Depending on the game, you might need to race through a city behind the wheel of an ambulance to get the patients to the hospital in time, treat little kids who scratched their knees while playing, or perform silly surgeries.

Let your inner healer take over and have fun exploring all the games in this collection.

Caring games

A hospital is a place where people go when they are feeling unwell and need help. Therefore, it’s no surprise that caring games overlap with many whose main activities occur in these buildings. 

For example, in the online game Emma Lip Surgery you must help a girl whose lips got such a nasty infection that even her face got distorted. But you might also need to simply put a bandage on and soothe a fearful baby who got unexpectedly hurt while playing around.

The games can be vastly different among themselves, but their ultimate goal is the same: treat someone and help restore their health and well-being.

Funny games

There is nothing fun in getting ill or injured and having to go to a hospital, but that’s in real life. In the gaming world, even such an unpleasant visit can be turned into something amusing. A good example of this is the string of funny games for kids that make fun of their worst nightmares. 

Since they are constantly listening to their parents complaining about how they shouldn’t eat many sweets because their teeth will rot or they shouldn’t spend too many hours watching television because they will ruin their vision, these health problems have become the new boogie man. Games like Doctor Teeth 2 or Funny Eye Surgery take these fears to the limit and make them into fun challenges that are both disgusting and educational in equal measure.

Management games

With so many people getting injured and sick all the time, a hospital needs to be constantly expanding and improving its facilities to be able to accommodate and treat everyone. This evolving nature of the building and of the institution itself makes it a success within a surprising game genre: management games.

In these games, rather than becoming a tycoon, the goal is to help the largest number of people possible and become a successful entrepreneur at the same time. In games like Hospital Hustle, for example, you must use the money the patients pay for their treatment to expand the services you offer and hire more doctors, nurses, and staff. If you become too greedy and decide to keep the money for yourself instead of investing in the hospital, you will just end up with no patients because they will start looking for better services elsewhere.

A Jack-of-all-trades

When it comes to saving someone’s life, you cannot be picky about your job description. Sometimes, you must be a Jack-of-all-trades and do the best you can with whatever you have at your disposal.

That’s also what happens in many hospital games. For example, in Healing Driver, you must play the role of an ambulance driver, a doctor, a nurse, and a builder owner. Things might become easier once you start earning enough money to hire help, but until then you must do it all by yourself.

Car games like City Ambulance Car Driving are just the same. You cannot either drive leisurely around the city or engage in car races having patients in the back who are struggling for their lives. Instead, you must use your racer skills to get to the hospitals as quickly as possible without crashing.

There are many rooms and treatments in a hospital, as there are many games that make this place of healing the center subject of their storyline and challenges. Have fun exploring them all and finding your next favorite online hospital game.


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