City Ambulance Car Driving

Get ready to save lives thanks to your amazing driving skills in the online game City Ambulance Car Driving.

Go around the city finding road accidents that need your immediate attention. Once you have the patient safely in the ambulance, get ready to speed to reach the hospital as fast as you can! Turn on the sirens to let other cars know that they need to open the way for you to pass through. 

There is only one very important detail that you need to know. An ambulance is a vehicle taken very seriously by the authorities, which means that, as far as they are concerned, you need to be an example of a perfect driver. When you see a speed radar, drive within the speed limit or you might lose your job.


WASD or arrow keys: drive
Spacebar: brake
Mouse cursor: look around
QE keys: light indicators
L key: lights
M key: map
R key: reset ambulance
C key: change camera

Game developer:

City Ambulance Car Driving was developed by Inspector Studios.

Also from Inspector Studios: Extreme Car Drift, Extreme Motorcycle Simulator, E30 Drift Simulator

Last updated: Nov 15, 2023

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