Help the Kitten

Cats always get into trouble, even when the situation seems harmless enough like those you will find in the online game Help the Kitten.

There are two game modes available for you to choose from: drawing mode or escape mode. In the drawing mode, you will find a kitten simply wanting to go home. The problem is that it has chosen the worst possible route to do it. Help it by drawing bridges or pathways to take it home safely.

In the escape mode, sometimes you will find our feline wanting to go home and others you will find it trying to save a cute white kitten. This is a puzzle mode. Think carefully about which gates to open and in which order. There will be many dangers lying around.


Drawing mode
Click/tap and drag to draw. 

Escape mode
Click or tap to remove the gates.

Game developer:

Help the Kitten was developed by AA2G1.

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Last updated: Oct 31, 2023

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