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The classic pen and paper puzzle is now available online and is much more challenging. Never run out of word puzzles to play with again. With our online Word Search game, you can test your detective skills whenever you want and try to find all the words hidden in the grid of random letters. Not only that, but you will also be increasing and improving your vocabulary about specific subjects as well as training your spelling skills.

Our Word Search puzzle games are free and have the option to easily adjust any puzzle’s difficulty level to match your own skills or mood. Whether you are a beginner, a casual player, or an expert, you will find the right challenge for you. The only thing you cannot control is the topic of the list of words to search for because it is always more exciting when you do not know what new you are about to discover.

How to play Word Search

The rules of this Word Search online are exactly the same as the traditional pen-and-paper word search puzzles. You will receive a list of words and you must find them in the grid to cross them out.

The words may be hidden vertically, horizontally, or diagonally and may be written backward. Use your finger (if you are playing on a touch screen) or your mouse to drag the cursor over the word and select it. The word will become highlighted in the grid and will be crossed out of your list.

Before you start playing the game, however, you will be asked to select the difficulty level. You can choose between Beginner, Easy, Normal, Hard, or a random level. The harder the difficulty the more words you have to find and the bigger the grid.

Every Word Search puzzle has a topic and the listed words will fall under that category. For example, the words to be found may relate to careers, musical instruments, national capitals, animals, etc.

Tips to play Word Search

1. Check the grid before the list

Before checking the list of words to find, take a glance at the grid and see if any word pops up. When you read the list, some words leave a stronger impression than others and you may be conditioned to only focus on them and ignore others that are clearly in front of you.

2. Try to read the rows and columns

Check the grid row by row and column by column. Words written vertically and horizontally are the easiest ones to find and sometimes they might become apparent just by simply trying to read these sections of the grid.

3. Focus on letters that stand out

Letters such as the O, Q, and D tend to stand out in the grid because of their roundness. This makes them a good focusing point to search for the words on your list. Pay special attention to the Q as it is usually followed by a U in the great majority of words. Take a quick glance over the Qs on your grid and you might discard several at once if they have no U on their surroundings.

Likewise, try to look for uncommon letters such as the Z, J, K, and X. If none of the words you are looking for have them, you can simply ignore them. 

4. Look for double letters

Double letters tend to be easier to find than isolated ones. Therefore, if any of the words on your list contains double letters, looking for them can be more efficient and effective than looking for the first letter of the word, for example.

5. Group the words by common ending

Check your list to see if any of the words share their endings. If that is the case, try to search for that ending. That way, instead of looking for one word at a time, you can group them and search for several at once. 

Examples of common endings in English include -ing, -tion, -ed, -ment, and -ship.

6. Focus on empty spaces

In a good Word Search game, the words are spread throughout the grid. If as you keep highlighting words in the grid you notice that some areas of it are still untouched, be suspicious. There is a high possibility that at least one of the words on your list will be hidden there.

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This game was developed by Appgeneration. You can also play this Word Search game at their website and enjoy a greater variety of features and game options including playing a campaign mode, a classic mode that lets you choose which category to play, daily challenges, and a blog with tips and strategies to become a Word Search master.

Last updated: May 08, 2024

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