Word Sauce

Grandpa’s restaurant has seen better days in the game Word Sauce. Everything looks old, decrepit, and broken and there are no customers in sight. But that is about to change because his favorite granddaughter has arrived and she is ready to get everything back on track thanks to your vast language skills.

Create words with the given letters to earn stars and coins. The more words you create the more coins you earn, even if those words are not a solution to the puzzle at hand. You can then use the stars to complete upgrading missions, like cleaning the restaurant, giving the decor a makeover, buying new furniture, etc.

The only strange thing is that grandpa seems to want to tell you something… a secret maybe. What could it be?


Tap or click to select. Swipe to connect the letters.

Game developer:

Word Sauce was developed by Clever Apps.

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Last updated: Oct 11, 2023

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