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Decorate rooms, gardens, houses, and much more while solving puzzles and challenges. Play decoration games online. Set your inner designer free!

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About decoration games

Online decoration games are heaven to everyone who carries an inner designer within them and who loves gaming. Rather than a game genre in the strictest sense, decoration is a theme or a storyline that transverses many different types of games. Sometimes it can be a bonus to please the players and their creative side after challenging a puzzle or especially hard level, and sometimes it is the key to making the game progress and push it forward. 

This flexibility of the theme is what allows for it to be applied to a multitude of different game genres. In other words, any player is likely to find a game to their liking and enjoy showcasing their good taste as a decorator. 

Hidden object games

Decoration is already a traditional theme when it comes to hidden object games, along with detective tropes. Within these games two kinds stand out: those in which you play the challenges to unlock new decorative items or new rooms, and those in which solving the challenges grant rewards that can then be exchanged for new decoration actions or items.

Mary Knots Garden Wedding Hidden Object, for example, falls under the latter category. The players must find all the objects and sell them to buy the items needed to prepare and decorate a wedding venue. Home Makeover Hidden Object is also similar. In this, the players must find and sell old items and furniture to be able to afford new ones and decorate the house to their liking.

Matching games

Matching games, particularly match-3 and merge games, are also extensive users of decoration as a storyline or motivation to solve the puzzles.

In this game genre, the puzzles are the obstacle between renovating and decorating a house or other personal space. In games like House Design Match 3, for example, the players must combine three or more items on the board to complete the levels and earn rewards. Game progress is dependent on these rewards, as they are used to unlock new rooms to decorate as well as new challenges.

Merge & Decor is a merge game with a similar dynamic but with a fun detail: the objects the players need to merge and create are directly related to the renovating work. For example, furniture, cleaning tools, vases with flowers, etc.

Pure decoration

Some players are solely interested in decorating and would rather not have to complete any challenges or puzzles to finally have the chance to have fun. If that’s your case, don’t worry. In our collection of online decoration games, you will find what you are looking for. Why not decorate a full house in Doll Dreamhouse Adventure? You can also focus on creating the bedroom of any kid’s dream in Dreamlike Room, for example.

Whatever your inner interior designer is itching for, this collection will provide you with it. Have fun exploring all the games!


What are the best decoration games on Reludi?

  1. Home Makeover Hidden Object
  2. Home Makeover 2 Hidden Object
  3. Mary Knots Garden Wedding Hidden Object
  4. Word Sauce
  5. Home Makeover
  6. Doll Dreamhouse Adventure

Which are the most recent decoration games on Reludi?

  1. Princesses Home Decor Experts
  2. Royal Jigsaw
  3. Emily's Home Sweet Home

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