Microsoft Ultimate Word Games

Microsoft Ultimate Word Games is a compilation of the three most popular word games by Microsoft. 

Now you can get all your favorites in one single place. Join the Crosswords and keep solving the puzzles to complete the levels, upgrade your ranking and explore the adventure map. 

If crosswords are not your thing you can explore the beautiful garden map of Word Twister. The goal of this game is to find all the words that can be made with the given letters.

Wordament is another game available in this compilation of Microsoft word games. In this case, your goal is to find all the words on a board by connecting the letter tiles. 

To spice things up and make this game unforgettable, Microfot also added a Daily Challenge mode to it. In this mode, you can pick your favorite game and enjoy a puzzle with a unique twist every day. 

The daily puzzles always have something different to them. Maybe you will get a crosswords puzzle with a mystery clue or you need to hurry up in the word twister challenge to complete it before a bomb goes off. Whatever the special feature of the daily challenge, you can be sure that will keep you on your toes!


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Game developer:

Microsoft Ultimate Word Games was developed by Microsoft.

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Last updated: Oct 11, 2023

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