OMG Word Rainbow

Welcome to a world of color and fun where you can put your English skills to the test -  welcome to OMG Word Rainbow!

In this online word game, the goal is to find the missing words by connecting the letters presented. You can not enter words with fewer letters than any of the answers. The game follows a similar model to Words of Wonders - WOW. Its challenges are also sorted by chapters which then are divided into levels. The higher the chapter and the level, the harder the challenges will be. 

Will your puzzle-solving skills suffice to win this word game?

If you enjoyed this game, make sure to check out OMG Word Swipe and OMG Word Professor, of the same franchise.


Drag to connect the letters on the board.

Game developer:

OMG Word Rainbow was developed by MarketJS.

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Last updated: Jul 04, 2024

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