Basketball with Buddies

Do you perform well under pressure? This fun basketball game is about to put you to the test!

In Basketball with Buddies winning is supposedly simple. All you have to do is score more hoops than your opponent. You do not go against your opponent directly, but rather play side-by-side in independent challenges. Once the countdown ends, it is time to compare the results and find the winner.

The problem comes with trying to score the hoop paired with the pressure of the ticking clock. You must control the speed of the moving hoop, control the trajectory of your ball and make sure to match them both so the ball flies in the right direction precisely when the hoop is about to pass through.

Will you win this basketball duel?


Swipe using your mouse to throw the ball.

Game developer:

Basketball with Buddies was developed by MarketJS.

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Last updated: Jan 25, 2023

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