Bubble UP Master

Bubble Up Master is an online game true to its name: it is designed only for the best players of bubble shooter puzzles!

The game follows the classic gameplay. You must shoot bubbles up to connect them to three or more on the puzzle and pop them. The bubbles must have the same color in order to be popped. You can not choose the color you want to fire, but you can switch your current bubble with the one that comes next. Just remember that switching is not the same as dismissing. You will still need to fire that bubble, you are just postponing its use. 

What makes this game so suitable for experts it’s not the gameplay, it’s the pressure! The hanging bubbles will keep descending on the game screen, without ever stopping or slowing down. There is no time to think. If a bubble reaches the red bottom line, it’s game over.

Are you good enough to face this challenge?


Tap/click and hold to aim. Release to shoot.

Game developer:

Bubble UP Master was developed by 2Play.

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Last updated: Mar 27, 2024

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