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Aim, shoot and pop the bubbles! Find your favorite online bubble shooter games here, on Reludi.

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Are you up for a fun and colorful shooting challenge? Because that’s what you will find in this collection of bubble shooter games!

This genre of puzzle games was introduced to the public in 1994 with the classic Puzzle Bobble. The gameplay and mechanics of this game were simple, yet they managed to be addictive and challenging too. It wasn’t long before it sprouted several clones, giving birth to a game genre of its own, even when included in wider categories like arcade games or puzzle games.

The gist is the same for all the games. The players will find themselves with a weapon of sorts that shoots bubbles and a game board with hanging colorful bubbles. The goal is to clear the board by shooting at the hanging bubbles and creating or activating chains of three or more with the same color. To this, each game adds its unique touch.

For example, in the online game BubbleShooter the goal is to pop the bubbles and clear the board before running out of ammunition. The more bubbles you pop at once, the more points you score. In Bubble Shooter Candy 3, however, the bubbles are not popped but released; your score depends on where they fall.

Moreover, some bubble shooter games can be fast-paced, with the board steadily descending to the bottom of the screen, like in Bubble Up Master, making the puzzles more difficult and exciting. However, other games like Bubble Shooter Butterfly opt for a more soothing and relaxing approach, offering challenges framed by beautiful backgrounds and designs and letting the players set their own pace.

Whatever the specifics and uniqueness of each game may be, one thing is certain: these are fun, easy-to-learn puzzle games suitable for all players and all ages. Jump right in and start popping now!


What are the best bubble shooter games on Reludi?

  1. Bubble Shooter
  2. Bubble UP Master
  3. Bubble Shooter Free
  4. Bubble Shooter Pro 3
  5. Bubble Shooter Soccer 2
  6. Alien Bubbles

Which are the most recent bubble shooter games on Reludi?

  1. Bubble Shooter Pro 3
  2. Bubble Shooter Free
  3. Bubble Shooter Butterfly

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