Emily's Hotel Solitaire

Emily has arrived on a tropical island and has decided to fulfill her grandfather’s big dream: build an amazing hotel in a tropical destination. Now, she needs enough funds to build and decorate the hotel to her liking.

In the online game Emily’s Hotel Solitaire, you must help her gather those funds by playing games of Tripeaks Solitaire. Your goal is to clear the board by collecting all the cards in order, going one value higher or lower than the open card next to the stockpile. Every time you collect a card from the board, it becomes your next open card. If there are no moves available, you can turn one card from the stockpile. If you run out of cards there, then the game it’s over. 

For every win, you will receive money and stars. You can use the first to buy boosters to help you solve all the card games, and the second to build the hotel.

Can you help Emily in her quest to fulfill her family's dream?


Click or tap to select the cards and play.

Game developer:

Emily's Hotel Solitaire was developed by Rainbow Games.

Last updated: Jul 10, 2024

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